Co-Owners Cindy and Bill Van Hoogenhuize have been in the fitness industry as health club owners and trainers since 1980.  Bill is a fitness guru and former police officer and the two have a passion for cutting edge exercise techniques, equipment, protocols and the importance of diet.  Sharky’s Athletic Club opened its doors in 1999 with the commitment to bringing the latest and most effective fitness techniques, equipment and training regiments to its customer base.

Sharky’s Athletic Club is a two story, state of the art 16,000sq ft. facility on London Line in Sarnia offering cutting edge equipment and fitness classes suitable for all ages and abilities.  Whether it be low-friction exercise machines, ellipticals, treadmills, free weights and other cardio equipment, clients from the ages of 16 through 85 and older find something to suit them. The club has highly professional staff and trainers to lead anyone to a healthier, happier lifestyle or to reach their sport specific goals or even to the competitive stage with their physique.


Maria Mikola
Maria MikolaPersonal Trainer
‣ 17+ Years Experience
‣ IFBB Physique Pro
‣ 2014 CBBF Canadian Mixed Pairs Champion
‣ CBBF Canadian Middleweight Champion
‣ 2X CBBF Canadian Natural Physique Champion
‣ 2X CBBF Canadian Masters Lightweight Champion
‣ 4X CBBF Canadian Team Member to the IFBB Womens World
‣ 2X CBBF Canadian Team Member to the IFBB Masters World
Kyle Bershatsky
Kyle BershatskyPersonal Trainer
‣ Bachelor of Kinesiology – Fitness and Lifestyle
‣ CPAFLA-CSEP Certified Personal Trainer
‣ O2 Fuel Sport Performance/Conditioning Coach
‣ Years of sport performance in wrestling and various other sports.
‣ Specializes in foundation, hypertrophy, strength, power, endurance and energetic training through High-Intensity-Intervals, Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ) and Combative Training.
Andrew Pelletier
Andrew PelletierPersonal Trainer
‣ Sports and Recreation Administration Graduate of Lambton College
‣ BHK – Sport Management Graduate of University of Windsor, ON
‣ CPR/First Aid Certified
‣ O2 Fuel Sport Performance/Conditioning Coach
‣ Can-Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist Certificate
‣ Boot Camp Instructor
‣ One-on-One Personal Trainer
Melissa Jones
Melissa JonesFitness Instructor
‣ Group Fitness Instructor for 8+ years
‣ Has a passion for Spin
‣ Started teaching at the Cambridge YMCA
‣ Avid runner and enjoys doing 5K & 10K Fun Runs
‣ Guarantees a challenge, sweat and lots of fun!
Emily Bigras
Emily BigrasFitness Instructor & Reception
‣ B.Sc Hons (Human Kinetics)
‣ Certified MAT Specialist
‣ Certified Personal Training
‣ O2 Fuel Conditioning Coach
‣ Fitness Instructor
‣ Reception
Ally Brook
Ally BrookManager of Administration & Sales
‣ Manager of Administration and Sales
‣ Has had a passion for health and fitness for the past six years
‣ Full-time student at the University of Western looking to complete her degree in Social Work
Abbey Jackson
Abbey JacksonFront Desk Reception
‣ 3+ years working Reception for Sharky’s
‣ Currently Double Majoring in Disability Studies and Psychology at Kings and Brescia, UC.
Jessica Simourd
Jessica SimourdAdministration
‣ 6+ years experience
‣ Desk Receptionist
‣ Key Holder
‣ Employee Manager

Bethany Compton
Bethany ComptonFront Desk Reception